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We offer a full stock audit service for drinks, food or both.

Our fees are simply based on time required, a half day or a full day

Each client receives a detailed report as standard.

Counts are all done on market leading software via tablets allowing for a detailed track of counts, amounts and locations. This gives our auditors a lot of information to analyse in the case of stock discrepancies.


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  • Full report on the day

  • Detailed breakdown of purchases

  • Detailed analysis of variances

  • Yield analysis

  • Action plans

  • Valuation certificate

  • Each visit ends with a meeting to discuss your result

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We cover most of the UK with clients from the Highlands to the South coast and the Isle of Wight.

  • We do not charge mileage

  • We do not charge additional fees if a stocktaker needs accommodation

  • If you think your location might be uniquely challenging, get in touch, you'd be surprised where our team find themselves

nationwide stocktaking
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Sample stocktake report

Our sample report gives you an idea of the level of detail we go into.

For multiple site clients we provide a customised front page report​ to analyse the specific KPIs that you and your team want to focus on.

For reasons of business confidentiality we do not provide samples of these reports, but if you are looking for services to cover multiple sites, please contact us 

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