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We have a range of tools and guides, with even more to help hospitality businesses on our home site

If you need some specific support or guidance, get in touch, as the experts in hospitality we're here to help.


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Gross Profit Calculators
Download our FREE app to help you calculate GPs on food and drink.
The app also allows you to adjust buying and selling prices to see the affect of price rises and work out your optimum selling prices.


We know that stocktaking is heavy on jargon, check out our glossary to decode your information.


The maths of stocktaking
Our stocktakers are all highly experienced and fully understand the mechanics behind stocktaking. You too can get more out of your results when you understand how they are put together. this short guide shows you how.

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Stock tracker
Track your stock in between visits from your stocktaker using this FREE stocktaking sheet.
Just print out the count sheet and enter the info to track variances. You can then share this information with your stocktaker to help everyone get to resolve any stock issues.

A range of more tools and guides
Head over to our parent site for even more tools
and great hospitality business guides.

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